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Timing is everything! Organization of business events according to the schedule.

Have you ever thought about integrating important information into your marketing campaigns? Have you decided on effective communication strategies to engage your participants? From hashtags to events, event messages and how they relate to your marketing plan can mean anything when it comes to the success of your event.

Before your event
Your marketing schedule and communication schedule will be influenced by ticketing deadlines, signing speaker contracts and / or deciding on event programs. Here are some general rules on the timeline to be followed when planning a communication strategy that virtually any event agency will confirm

Up to 12 weeks (at least) before the event, you’ll want to announce the event.
Spend the next 10 weeks (or more) completing a marketing campaign and working on a strategy for communicating the necessary information. Remember that you won’t know all of this information at once; they will come to you gradually, and you will want to be strategic when you let him go.
You will need to inform the rest of the organizational teams about your communication strategy so that they can send you information that you have not otherwise shared.

During the week of the event, provide all relevant information and share it directly with attendees.

Important information for communication
Providing the following information in this order will help prevent any unpleasant surprises for both your team and participants:

Speaker / host names: Since your speakers and hosts are a huge part of what attracts attendees to your event, you’ll want to start introducing information about this early in your communication. Include photos and short introductory newsletters. You can also consider providing presentation slides or necessary handout material.

Event Schedule and Activity: Attendees will need to know the event schedule before planning their events and make the most of the day, which is especially important in multi-session conferences.

Communication channels and necessary downloads: You need to decide which communication channels will be used to notify and connect with participants. It could be:

event application,
social media,
event website,
Considering participants’ demographics, choose effective ones and let participants know how to access them. If you are organizing business events, using the event mobile app is fashionable nowadays. For example, the app is a great tool for communicating important information such as agenda, directions and logistics, sponsors, slides, polls / polls etc as well as social media.

Now you know what to communicate and when. However, being able to communicate this information effectively is much more important. In addition to announcing information, you should involve and involve participants as much as possible in your event.

Basic principles of effective company management that every boss should know about

Managing a company is not an easy task, contrary to appearances, and it is certainly not enough to sit in the boss’s chair to be able to cope with it perfectly. Running a company requires a lot of knowledge and experience, and at the same time taking care of constantly updating your knowledge and being up to date with the changing market situation. For if we rest on our laurels after the first major success, it may turn out that sooner or later the competition will overtake us.

Effective company management requires taking care of many issues and formalities. First of all, you must always have order in all financial, accounting and tax documents. A mess in this matter can be problematic in the event of any control. Thanks to orderly documents, you can also have constant insight into the current financial condition of the company. A good manager should skillfully plan expenses and be able to separate those necessary from those that can be slightly cut and limit the outflow of money from the company.

A planned and well-thought-out marketing strategy
Business management also requires proper planning of the marketing strategy. The company must have a constantly expanding or stable and stable sales market. Therefore, from the very beginning of your activity, you need to take care of advertising and promotion, so that the company’s products or services are present in the minds of customers and constantly work for the success of the entire company. All marketing activities must be properly planned and tailored to the individual needs of a specific company. As a result, they will be optimal and effective. Proven link marketing is a huge database of knowledge and information on the possibilities of online advertising, thanks to which you can not only learn about specific advertising tools, but also assess what will be the best for a specific company. The company manager does not have to deal with marketing on his own. The best solution will be to commission such activities to a specialized marketing agency.

People always work for the company’s success
The manager of the company must also constantly take care of its development in every respect – from good equipment to employed employees. The success of the company depends on the quality of the work of the staff. Therefore, it is necessary to skilfully motivate employees to work, take care of their satisfaction with financial and non-financial conditions. Employees should also regularly train and improve their qualifications, as this also affects the quality of the work of the entire company. A good boss must be able to skilfully motivate, but also, if necessary, punish or draw consequences from improperly performed professional duties. In order to effectively manage a company, you also need to have a lot of mental predispositions and skills. So you have to be aware that not every person who dreams of a steering position will do it flawlessly.

Are you considering a flat roof design on site? This article is for you!

We all know that flat roofs aren’t the most exciting solution, but they do have their benefits. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages such as the cost of repairing a flat roof, the required roofing materials, potential waterlogging and roof leaks – you will be able to decide more easily if this is the option that best suits your building.

The structure of flat roofs consists of:


bottom layer

Flat roofs are one of the most controversial roof types among all types of roofs for buildings and homes. They are most often used in outbuildings and large facilities, a flat roof house is rarely seen. Flat roofs have a unique set of challenges and needs. If you plan to have a flat roof on your company building, it is imperative to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a flat roof.

Advantages of a flat roof
The biggest advantage of a flat roof is cost. From construction and installation to materials commonly used for flat roofs, they are relatively cheap. A flat roof insulation board is almost nothing compared to alternative solutions.

This makes the flat roof very affordable both to install and maintain and maintain. The very construction of such a roof is cheaper due to less risk during installation. Installing flat roofs is faster and easier. Costs of damage and repairs are lowered over the lifetime of the roof. Installing things like solar panels that save electricity and satellites makes gutter repairs and cleaning cheaper and easier to do – on flat roofs.

The second advantage is that the space can be used for other purposes. Air conditioners can be placed on the roof instead of on the ground. A flat roof roof rack installed on a flat roof is less visible from the ground than a sloped roof.

You can design a “living” roof that becomes an outdoor seating area for relaxing or barbecuing, or even having your own roof garden. The list of possible uses for a flat roof is almost endless.

A flat roof makes the interior more versatile. The apartments on the top floor and the finished attic are without sloping walls which are standard for traditional gabled roofs. In homes that need maximum interior space, flat roofs are a significant advantage.

Flat roofs are usually more accessible than sloped roofs. It’s easier to climb up to check them. Caution, of course, should be taken every time someone climbs onto the roof. However, flat roofs are easier to check and much safer. They are much more stable than sloping roofs, which is even more important when the building is small.

Finally, it is worth adding that they have an architectural charm. In the right setting, they are economical as long as they are properly maintained. As flat roofs are installed faster, waiting times for their completion are reduced. If repair or replacement is necessary during use – rebuilding is relatively painless and quick.

Business trip – how to do it more economically?

We do not even want to mention in this text the type of employers who, trying to control travel costs, ask employees to cover the cost of accommodation themselves. And believe – there are many of these.

The ideas you find here are less stressful and offensive to the average employee who travels on business for their employer. Employees are normal people who just need privacy and distance from co-workers on a business trip, especially if they’ve spent the whole day with co-workers. Employers do not have to ask employees to share or pay for rooms, as there are many other ways to save on business travel costs.

Require employees to travel on the same day if possible.

Develop and implement a corporate travel policy that details:

daily diets at different destinations,
preferred hotel chains where the employer can set a rebate rate
reimbursement and limits

Make sure your employees travel in accordance with the travel rules – without any agreement to exceptions. Do not refund costs that are not allowed by the rules or exceptions.

Renegotiate or negotiate corporate rates with hotel chains that fit your goals.

Look for hotels (preferably as close to the airports as possible – which brings further savings compared to those in the city center) offering amenities such as:

free breakfast
happy hours
afternoon snacks
free refrigerators and coffee makers in the rooms
Require employees to use these hotels and amenities when available.

When making a reservation, use the cheaper hotel chain. Most of the staff would give a star for a private room. However, do not allow standards to be lowered on issues such as cleanliness and other amenities for the convenience of employees in hotels that are rated with fewer stars. Regular interviews with employees are recommended to make sure that the chosen one meets their needs.

Use a travel booking service to help keep costs under control. This will help you plan, adopt policies, reduce costs, and reduce employee expenses. Even local travel services can help save on business travel, but the benefit of the larger ones is their domestic and overseas coverage and their online services.

Make an appointment with one airline to use their services whenever possible in order to receive a corporate discount on each flight. Then, require your employees to use airline booking services. Employers can also save when planes are booked well in advance.

Reduce travel costs in other areas such as food and alcohol in your diet, and transportation. Vary daily allowances by location. Your travel policy should reflect the costs that employees will experience when traveling to different destinations. This is always a smart solution.

Large windows – make a big difference in the office!


Today more than ever, a well-designed office is of utmost importance to most businesses. It doesn’t matter what sector of business you are in, the office acts as a centralized center for the entire organization, and its appearance is important. Whether you work in engineering or graphic design, a good corporate image is critical and necessary to bring it to life in an office environment as well as in all other aspects of the company.

The great thing about the office equipment and design industry is that no two offices are the same. We’ve all seen articles like “The Coolest Offices in the World” and this only proves that there is a world of design ideas waiting for an office arrangement. Believe it or not, office renovation and design can be just as exciting as interior design for your home.

Of course, there’s no point in having a stylish office if it’s not practical enough. An office filled with bizarre gadgets and relaxation zones may look impressive, but if there is no room left for productive work and a job well done – it doesn’t serve as an office. Some of the most important features of modern offices are:

solid doors and windows of impressive size
spaces for cooperation
private conference rooms
individual jobs
If you only have an open workspace – how can you provide both noisy workspaces in privacy-intensive areas in one room? Well, without more serious construction work and a complete office restructuring, why not invest in some interesting office design solutions.

This approach is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to create a more productive workplace. Some office solutions may be temporary and others, such as windows from Kalisz – permanent and may fit almost any room of the required size. Think of office partitions that place a temporary wall that is not actually a wall, and wouldn’t cause half the noise or clutter than building a solid structure. Great!

Such solutions as Kalisz windows are available in many different styles – each office will find something for itself depending on the required appearance and finish.

Office windows matter!
Perfect for any working environment, stylish windows can be used to create a more traditional look in the office while creating a feeling of warmth and class. They have been a favorite solution for years in the office and design industry, because they easily fit into the design of any office, giving it a natural character.

Are you bored with the old office decor? Invite a designer to your office!


An office that is used for everyday work should be arranged in such a way as to combine ergonomics, perfect layout, as well as the elegance and aesthetics of the interior. So let’s make sure that all furniture and accessories meet our individual expectations. If the interior has been looking the same for a long time and we are starting to get bored a bit, it is worth refreshing it a bit and adapting it to the specific needs of users.

In the space that we use for everyday work, all interior design elements should be perfectly planned. Nothing should be a coincidence or ill-considered decision. If you want to be sure that the office will be comfortable, convenient and at the same time very stylish, it is worth using the services of a professional designer. An experienced interior architect is able to skillfully plan the space, taking care of the most important elements, as well as ensuring that the whole thing looks great and attracts eyes.

Tailored to the user
The office used for work is an interior that should be designed in close cooperation with the person who will stay in it on a daily basis. Even the best designer will not create a perfect interior if he does not know what the preferences and hobbies of the office owner are. At the beginning, it is worth determining the style in which the room is to be kept. A completely different interior is arranged in a classic style, and differently in a modern industrial, loft or minimalist style. Knowing the specific needs for the style of the interior, the designer will be able to match all the necessary elements, such as colors, type of furniture, wall and window decor, as well as accessories that create the atmosphere of the entire room. It is also worth taking into account that the office often serves not only the owner himself. It is often a meeting place with clients or contractors. So it’s worth making sure that other people also feel comfortable in a given interior.

Do you dream of your own company? Which industry do you have the best chances in?


Own company is a dream of many people who work full-time and would like to spread their wings in their business. However, before we quit a comfortable and secure job, it is worth having a good business plan and properly prepared for running your business. It is also good to look for ideas and inspiration at the beginning, as well as check which companies are currently very popular on the market.

To run your own business, you first need an idea. In this matter, it is worth looking around the market to see what industries are currently hot and where you can find a good niche for your business. Contrary to appearances, it is not always easy – in most industries there is now a lot of competition and new companies may have big problems to break through in a competitive market. In addition to the idea for a business, you also need a good marketing strategy, ideas for reaching customers and gaining a competitive advantage. A good, specialized business forum will be useful in this matter, where you can consult with more experienced people or people running a business similar to our planned business.

Lots of possibilities on the web
Nowadays, any online business has a good chance of success. Most customers in various industries on the Internet look for products and services. First of all, online stores are very popular. Although the market is very crowded, new online stores are constantly emerging, which over time begin to enjoy a lot of customer interest and prosper very well. However, when planning an online business, you need to be aware that at the beginning you will need a good business plan and planning individual issues related to your business. However, there is a chance for such an investment to be successful and it is worth taking advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technologies and access to the Internet. Of course, it is also worth remembering that running a business involves certain costs that must be incurred at the beginning of the activity. People who do not have enough cash can also start their own business – currently there is a large offer of loans for start-ups on the market. So there is a chance of getting pretty good credit.

Or maybe a franchise?
Franchise, i.e. running a business under the name of a well-known and proven brand, is a very good solution for people who are just starting in business. Thanks to this option, they do not have to start from scratch, but work under a well-known and recognized name that is firmly in the minds of customers. A franchise business also requires proper preparation and learning about it. The franchisee receives all the know-how, the ability to use the brand name and logo, but at the same time has a lot of obligations towards the franchisor. You should also be aware that entering a franchise business in any industry requires appropriate financial resources. So it is not a project for people who do not have even a small amount of free cash to invest in a franchise.

We open a store in a small town – which industry has a chance of success?


Running a store is a good business idea, provided that we think it through and plan it very well. In small towns, the big advantage is that there is not much competition. This does not mean, however, that operating in a small town is doomed to success from the outset. First of all, it is worth choosing the industry well and doing market research, i.e. make sure that what you want to sell will be in sufficiently high demand.

In small towns, a business that sells high-quality products at a reasonable price has a chance of success. Residents of small towns are well aware of the fact that they can buy much cheaper both in larger cities and on the Internet. A store in a small city must therefore offer more than other stores in large cities. Its location will be a big advantage – many customers like to shop not far from home. Even if it is a bit cheaper in larger cities, you have to get to them and in fact the same goods with travel costs may cost the same, or even more.

Power tools always work
A power tool store is a good solution for people who want to run a business in a small city, and at the same time be sure that they will earn well enough on it. Of course, you should be aware that power tools are not products that you buy every day. Certainly, we will not have as many customers as grocery stores or stores with other basic necessities. It is also worth taking care of the appropriate quality of the goods sold. Tools that you buy from time to time should be of excellent quality, functional, modern and reliable. If we want to sell power tools, it is worth thinking about brands such as Bass and other proven brands and products from global manufacturers. When buying power tools, customers pay attention to their solid workmanship, durability and high quality. No name tools, although they are much cheaper, are most often not durable and need to be replaced fairly quickly.

The larger the assortment, the better
In small cities, general-purpose stores are perfect, i.e. those that do not focus on one group of products and offer customers various goods from various industries. So if we want to sell power tools, it is worth having other goods on offer that will be useful for repair work at home, garden or on the property. The more different products, the greater the certainty that we will have many regular customers. People who shop in the store once and find everything they need in it at a good price will certainly return to such a store more than once and will recommend it to other people looking for specific goods. On the other hand, if the store is poorly equipped, you have to take into account that many people who do not find what they are looking for there will never come back to the store.

What can a warehouse system tailored to the company’s needs provide?


A warehouse management system is software and processes that allow organizations to control and manage warehouse operations from the moment goods or materials are brought into the warehouse until they are removed from there.

Warehouse operations include:

supplies management
picking processes
For example, a warehouse system can provide an overview of an organization’s inventory anytime and anywhere, be it on site or in transit. It can also manage supply chain operations from the manufacturer or wholesaler to the warehouse and then to the retailer or distribution center. This system is often used in parallel or integrated with a transport management system or inventory management system.

Types of warehouse management systems
Warehouse management systems are available in different types and methods of implementation, and the type typically depends on the size and nature of the organization. These can be standalone systems or modules in a larger ERP system or in an execution package for the supply chain.

They can also vary greatly in complexity. Some small organizations may use a simple series of paper documents or spreadsheet files, but most larger organizations – from SMBs to corporate companies – use complex software. Some configurations of storage systems are designed specifically for the size of the organization, and many vendors have product versions that can scale to different sizes of the organization. Some organizations build their own storage systems from scratch, but it’s more common to deploy those from a reputable vendor.

These systems can also be designed or configured according to the specific requirements of the organization; for example, an e-commerce retailer may use a warehouse system that has different functions than the brick-and-mortar retailer. In addition, the system may also be designed or configured specifically for the types of goods sold by the organization; for example, a retailer of sports goods would have different requirements than a grocery chain.

Advantages of using a warehouse management system
While this system is complex and costly to implement and run, organizations benefit from benefits that can justify the complexity and cost.

The implementation of a warehouse system can help an organization reduce labor costs, improve inventory accuracy, improve flexibility and responsiveness, reduce errors in picking and shipping goods, and improve customer service. Modern warehouse management systems work with real-time data, enabling the organization to manage the most up-to-date information on activities such as orders, shipments, receipts and any movement of goods.

Functions of warehouse management systems
Designing a warehouse that enables organizations to adjust the workflow and picking logic to ensure that the warehouse is designed for optimal inventory allocation is one of the fundamental.

SEO is not only about keywords – find out what else to pay attention to?


What comes to your mind when you see the term “SEO”? What are you focusing all your energy on when trying to improve your website’s SEO ranking?

Most people spend a great deal of their time on “keywords” and do little else.

However, if you are diligently working on optimizing your keywords but still not getting the results you want, you may need to consider other factors influencing your SEO ranking.

Search engine algorithms not only evaluate the relevance of keywords on pages and in metadata in relation to the user’s search terms, but also evaluate information such as:

time spent by users on the site
bounce rate
broken links
pages viewed
incoming and outgoing links
Encouraging users to stay on your site and interact with your content can raise its ranking, and you can do so by improving the user experience and usability of your site.

Using keywords to drive traffic to your website is only half the battle. If you consider SEO as “optimizing your website for people using the search engines,” the importance of user-friendliness becomes an important factor.

In this article, we will look at the different aspects of website usability that affect site ranking, how to improve SEO ranking by improving page usability, and what to do when there seems to be a conflict between usability and SEO “best practice”.

What is the usefulness of the website?
The usability of a website encompasses many website design elements, most of which are also related to conversion.

Here are a few that can affect your website ranking.

Effectiveness: Can users achieve their goals once they are on your website? for example, Can they find the information they need, order the products they want, or contact the company for customer service?

Efficiency: Increasing efficiency is efficiency. In addition to being able to achieve the goal, how quickly can the user complete the task? If visitors are unable to successfully find what they need on your site, they are more likely to leave. Shorter time spent on your website can have a negative impact on your SEO ranking.

Learn: Can users learn to quickly navigate around your site? Are the clickable CTAs consistent so that visitors know how to interact? When visitors spend too much time trying to figure out how to use your website, they spend less time consuming information or browsing your products. Also, when they can’t find what they need, they will likely be frustrated and will leave and never come back.

Remembering: Can users find your page again the next time they enter a search engine? Repetitive traffic can help you increase your Google ranking. Visitors can find your site and then leave it for a number of reasons. They can remember it later and try to search again. Is the keyword associated with this particular search memorable enough for them to find your site again?