How to set up a website? A beginner’s guide

The Internet has entered the landscape of our everyday life for good, and with each passing month it becomes more and more mixed with our reality. Some types of pages can be successively replaced by well-kept accounts in social networking sites, but it is still worth having your business card on the web. How to set up your own website? Well, there is no single correct answer to this question. It all depends on what role it is supposed to play.

Create your own website

Creating websites over the last dozen or so years has changed a lot. I am probably not the only one who, trying my hand at the subject at the beginning of the 21st century, had to lick some commands and codes. Sure, you could use editors with a constant preview and a clear interface to help with the topic, but everyone who remembers the final effect of the pages, e.g. in Microsoft Front Page, will probably agree that it was not a game worth the candle. Therefore, a few or a dozen years ago it required a lot more work, there were no platforms that would allow to create a fully functional website without writing even a single line of code. Now there is no shortage of them – importantly, we are talking not only about simple business cards, but also fully functioning portals, which we can largely adapt to our own whim.

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Website on your own server

If you would like to create a website from scratch – it is worth starting with choosing the right hosting service. There are dozens of companies on the market that offer server space. Compare their conditions and the packages they have to offer, and after purchasing the server, you can move on to creating your own place on the network. Does this mean there are no free web hosts? There are, but often using them is associated with a set of shortcomings and limitations that are unlikely to appeal to anyone.

Website: from scratch or on a ready engine?

It is not true that websites written completely from scratch are forgotten. However, it is worth being aware that updating in code manually is … just inconvenient. Therefore, while creating a static page in this way, on which we do not plan regular updates (or we plan them very rarely), it makes sense, for the rest of it, creating a page from scratch in this way will be simply impractical. Simple business cards, portfolios or pages with short offers will work perfectly here. Those interested in a larger package of solutions should be interested in something more extensive.

What website to set up?

It is difficult to talk about a website without context at present. First of all, because today we can mention at least a few of their types. And when you think about creating an information portal or a widely read blog, letting them into the world is just the beginning of a great adventure. You must be ready for many hours of work on subsequent updates or deepening the knowledge related to its positioning, so that all users of popular search engines can find it according to the key phrases indicated by you.

In the case of simple websites – business cards, portfolios or a set of company offers, things are a bit easier – but in their case, it is not worth neglecting the positioning issue. After all, the Internet is a place where you can find a potential group of new customers who will be ready to take advantage of our unique offer.

As you can see, the modern internet offers a whole set of options related to creating your own website. The whole package of generators will surely help everyone who is completely green in the subject. There are also websites that can be filled with content after a few minutes. There are also free CMS solutions that will allow you to create huge websites that you can manage without writing at least one line of code. To this, add a whole set of tutorials, guides, additional scripts and solutions that will allow you to prepare the page of your dreams …