Business trip – how to do it more economically?

We do not even want to mention in this text the type of employers who, trying to control travel costs, ask employees to cover the cost of accommodation themselves. And believe – there are many of these.

The ideas you find here are less stressful and offensive to the average employee who travels on business for their employer. Employees are normal people who just need privacy and distance from co-workers on a business trip, especially if they’ve spent the whole day with co-workers. Employers do not have to ask employees to share or pay for rooms, as there are many other ways to save on business travel costs.

Require employees to travel on the same day if possible.

Develop and implement a corporate travel policy that details:

daily diets at different destinations,
preferred hotel chains where the employer can set a rebate rate
reimbursement and limits

Make sure your employees travel in accordance with the travel rules – without any agreement to exceptions. Do not refund costs that are not allowed by the rules or exceptions.

Renegotiate or negotiate corporate rates with hotel chains that fit your goals.

Look for hotels (preferably as close to the airports as possible – which brings further savings compared to those in the city center) offering amenities such as:

free breakfast
happy hours
afternoon snacks
free refrigerators and coffee makers in the rooms
Require employees to use these hotels and amenities when available.

When making a reservation, use the cheaper hotel chain. Most of the staff would give a star for a private room. However, do not allow standards to be lowered on issues such as cleanliness and other amenities for the convenience of employees in hotels that are rated with fewer stars. Regular interviews with employees are recommended to make sure that the chosen one meets their needs.

Use a travel booking service to help keep costs under control. This will help you plan, adopt policies, reduce costs, and reduce employee expenses. Even local travel services can help save on business travel, but the benefit of the larger ones is their domestic and overseas coverage and their online services.

Make an appointment with one airline to use their services whenever possible in order to receive a corporate discount on each flight. Then, require your employees to use airline booking services. Employers can also save when planes are booked well in advance.

Reduce travel costs in other areas such as food and alcohol in your diet, and transportation. Vary daily allowances by location. Your travel policy should reflect the costs that employees will experience when traveling to different destinations. This is always a smart solution.